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BMB 370  Introductory Biochemistry Laboratory

Fall of every year, Spring of every year
Total Credits: 3   Lecture/Recitation/Discussion Hours: 2   Lab Hours: 3
{(MTH 116 or LB 117) or (MTH 103 and MTH 114)} and (BS 171 or BS 191H or LB 145) and (CEM 162 or CEM 185H or LB 172L)
Open to undergraduate students in the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology/Biotechnology Major or in the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology major or in the Lyman Briggs Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Coordinate Major or in the Lyman Briggs-Biochemistry/Biotechnology Coordinate Major or approval of department.
Basic quantitative laboratory introducing biochemical methods and principles for the study of proteins and nucleic acids using data analysis.
Effective Dates
SUMMER 2022 - Open