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MKT 445  Strategic Management for Food and Agribusiness Firms (W)

Fall of every year, Spring of every year
Total Credits: 3   Lecture/Recitation/Discussion Hours: 4
(AFRE 203) and AFRE 240 and (ACC 201 or ACC 230 or AFRE 130 or AFRE 435 or FI 320) and (AFRE 303 or EC 301)
Open to seniors.
Principles and techniques for analyzing and implementing business and strategy. Approaches to identify and manage strategic problems. Application to firms in the food and agribusiness industries. Capstone project.
Semester Alias
FIM 439
Interdepartmental With
Agricultural, Food, and Resource Economics
Administered By
Agricultural, Food, and Resource Economics
Effective Dates
FALL 2021 - Open