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MMG 494L  Summer Undergraduate Research Institute in Genomics (W) (W) (Interim New)

Summer of every year
Total Credits: 3   Lecture/Recitation/Discussion Hours: 2   Lab Hours: 12
(Completion of Tier I Writing Requirement) and (MMG 301 and MMG 302)
Recommended Background
MMG 431 or IBIO 341
Open to undergraduate students in the Environmental Biology/Microbiology Major or in the Genomics and Molecular Genetics Major or in the Microbiology Major.
Not open to students with credit in
MMG 408 or MMG 434
This course aims give students an authentic research experience. It would be a directed, yet independent research undertaken by the students in teams, using state-of-the- art genetic and genomic methods. Projects will include hypothesis generation, experimental design, use of advanced molecular biology techniques, data analysis and its interpretation. Students will also learn to read, understand and present scientific research papers during the Journal Club meetings. Students will communicate their research findings in written lab reports, oral presentation, or Mid-SURE. Offered first half of semester.
Effective Dates
SUMMER 2021 - Open