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PHM 811  Global Health: Pharmacology and Toxicology Perspective (Interim New)

Summer of every year
Total Credits: 2   Lecture/Recitation/Discussion Hours: 2
PHM 350 or concurrently or approval of department
Recommended Background
biology and/or pathology and/or toxicology
Open to undergraduate students or graduate students or master's students or human medicine students or osteopathic medicine students or veterinary medicine students. Approval of department.
General concepts of global health that are relevant to Pharm/Tox; understanding pharmacologic management of certain inflammatory disorders, antibiotic-resistant infections, community-acquired pneumonia, drug-induced hepatitis; impact of environmental toxins on health: organic and endocrine disrupting compounds, heavy metals, therapeutic drug monitoring, clinical cases.
Effective Dates
SUMMER 2020 - Open