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PHY 174  Studio Physics for Scientists and Engineers II

Fall of every year, Spring of every year
Total Credits: 5   Lecture/Recitation/Discussion Hours: 4   Lab Hours: 2
{(PHY 173 or LB 273) or (PHY 183 and PHY 191) or (PHY 183B and PHY 191) or (PHY 193H and PHY 191)} and ((MTH 133 or concurrently) or (MTH 153H or concurrently) or (LB 119 or concurrently))
Not open to students with credit in
LB 274 or PHY 184 or PHY 184B or PHY 192 or PHY 222 or PHY 232 or PHY 232c or PHY 234b or PHY 242 or PHY 294H
Basic principles of electricity and magnetism, development of scientific skills and problem-solving through integrated physics laboratory and discussion.
Effective Dates
FALL 2020 - Open