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PLB 814  Advanced Principles and Applications of Epigenetics. (D) (Interim New)

Spring of odd years
Total Credits: 3   Lecture/Recitation/Discussion Hours: 3
IBIO 341 or CSS 350 or approval of college
Not open to undergraduate students or approval of college.
Not open to students with credit in
PLB 480
This course will cover epigenetics and epigenomics including the molecular mechanisms of epigenetic modifications of eukaryotic genomes; how the epigenome, in concert with the genome, controls versatile biological processes and cell fates, including stem cells, reprogramming and differentiation; and the association of epigenetic modifications with cancer and other human diseases, as well as traits associated with plant development and production. A set of 15 lectures will cover various areas of epigenetics. A recent research publication related to each of the lecture will be discussed.
Interdepartmental With
Integrative Biology
Administered By
Plant Biology
Effective Dates
SPRING 2021 - Open